As part of my ever growing list of possible episode topics, I have been trying to work my way through exploring the different types of geocaches. You may recall there have been episodes on Mega and Giga events, was well as CITO, Challenge Caches, Liars Caches, and Adventure Labs as well. While there was still several other caches types to explore, I really thought EarthCaches needed to be covered. I have done a few myself but I am in no way an expert and it often feels daunting trying to take them on. In their own right, they can be nearly as frustrating as some puzzle caches (another topic I've been working to address) for some and overwhelming for others. I hoped that exploring this particular cache type might help others feel more confident in giving them a try. But finding a guest well versed in the topic proved to be more difficult than I first thought. I had actually reached out to a few different people with no luck finding a guest to talk about it. That is until I met Jay, AKA LANMonkey, while I was a guest on the Geocaching in the Northwest podcast. Jay had mentioned that if I ever needed help with an EarthCache episode, that he would be happy to help me with it. Needless to say, I took him up on the offer and I'm so glad I did. His enthusiasm for EarthCaches is contagious and his knowledge and advice on the topic has even me ready to go out and try to tackle some more and even try to create my own.