I had seen the unfound cache, It's Maple(wood) mentioned in on of the geocaching groups on Facebook. I was astounded that it had gone with a first to find for so long. I add it to my watch list and started keeping track of it. A few months passed by and still no had found it. At this point it had been 10 years since it's publication. It was mind blowing to me. So I reached out to the CO, Unitzoid, and asked if he's be willing to come on the podcast and talk about it. He agreed, but how do you talk about an unfound mystery cache without giving away any hint? Well it turns out there's only so much you can say. That didn't stop us from having fun talking about geocaching. Hence the name of the episode. It was a lot of fun talking with Unitzoid and truth be told, our actual conversation went far beyond the end of the episode. Close to 2 hours in fact. Unitzoid is one of those caches that has so many stories and you could just talk geocaching with him for hours on end. When it was all said and done season 3 episode 4 was the result.