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 I am a Marine Corp Veteran, Chef, Massage Therapist, etc,etc. I desire to live abroad, outside of the U.S. 

  I often explore various restaurants, hotels, local businesses, and other places of interest. 

   I have recently dedicated my life to becoming the best version of myself and I want to share my progress through this process with YOU the viewer.

  My intention is to inspire, influence, and motivate others to create the life that they want to live right now, and go live it!

  Follow me on IG @stillgoingforward1111. Travel destinations, Daily inspiration, workouts, and various subject matters are great topics for discussion in future videos, and livestreams. 

  If you find value in my content and would like to support feel free to leave a donation. Simple acts of generosity will help my channel grow and reach a bigger audience of viewers. 

Any and all support is appreciated.

Thank You.

Gerald J


Still Going Forward

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