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Hey 👋 We are Christine Cottrell & Alyssa Madison the Hosts of the Girls B Gabbin Podcast where Laughter is the Best Medicine. Each episode is the sometimes humorous side of living with a chronic illness or any diagnosis.  We will share experiences, tips, hobbies, and laughter that get us through. We will build a community for those with Migraines, Intracranial Hypertension, ME/CFS/Post Viral, IC and many other chronic illnesses, diagnosis, and well shit a community for anyone that just wants to laugh! 

Love to Laugh and want to keep laughter as Medicine? 

By buying Girls B Gabbin a cocktail we are going to sit on the front porch and Gab a little about life and what the heck is going on with living with chronic illness.  Sometimes all of this can be so overwhelming and just cause anxiety crazy train mode, am I right?  There is a saying in NOLA that we serve our crazy cocktails and parade our crazy on the front porch! So by Gabbing it out a bit, we hope you add laughter as medicine to your day and by buying GBG a cocktail you are supporting the Girls B Gabbin Podcast content. 

Thank you for listening and your support. ♥️✨✨✨✨