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I am a philosopher, primarily of religion, public speaker, author, blogger, vlogger, teacher... Please help my tea addiction.

Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!
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I enjoy your thoughts and writings. May you be safe and at ease.

Dana from the US
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Good stuff here!

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I enjoy your writings, and I am looking forward to your book!

Thank you so much for your support, it means the world. Especially as I no longer have a job, having retired from teaching (on health grounds to explore the working world outside of teaching) and I'm joining the world of the unemployed with the mass of pandemic collateral damage. Getting into writing this book is helping, though!

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Hi Jonathan, What an extremely well written piece (the rebuttal to Heather MacDonald's) that had a lot of thought and research (that you linked) behind it. I was also very surprised that at the end you mentioned that you weren't American ... so thank you for writing this even though you don't have a direct stake in American politics /American society yourself. This is the first rebuttal I've seen of this level of detail and research (and first rebuttal I've seen to MacDonald's piece) and it's not even by an American. Thank you so much for adding to this conversation.   I also read every single one of the comments; your responses to some of true the 'yikes' comments were extremely well written and professional, and still linked studies as well as pointed out fallacies in the others. I also read your one on Facebook friends --- I'm going through that a bit right now and (I'm American) it's so hard and honestly tiring to try to get through to the Trump Supporters (especially the ones who believe in conspiracy theories) to see the facts. Again, thank you again for your contribution to this conversation. Much love and respect from DC! P.S. this is my third time trying to get this to work. Third time will be the charm hopefully.

Thank you so much for not only the coffees (let's face it, teas), but the kind words. I thought it was important to show some kind of balance to that piece.  As they say, you can't reason someone out of a position they never reasoned themselves into. Belief is all too often psychological. Thanks again.

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Thank you Someone. You are more than just a someone to me.