I would like to explain why I don't share my personal information.

If you check SNS like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, people usually show their real name and upload private pictures. It is OK if you use SNS for your hobby among your friends. You can enjoy the interaction with them.

Also if you want to be an influencer, the activity to make fans is quite important. In the process to make fans, influencers open their private to let people feel closer. I don't deny their action.

Let me explain why I will not share my personal information.

The main reason is that I want to separate your learning habit from your feelings.

If let's say I share what I like (my opinion about news, my hobby, my political position) and you hate that, in this case, this interaction may cause discouraging you to continue learning from my site. People are animals of heart, not animals of brain. I want to provide meaningful information to your brain, but don't want to convey noise to your heart which might break your sustainable learning habit.

And the second reason is that I don't have time for customer management or protecting myself from troll or sticky complainers.

I want to focus on daily postings and keep pursuing the best way to build a small habit for you and me.

I believe we can keep good relationship without my personal information.