So from my previous post I mentioned waking up at 5ish and going for a 3 mile run. That wasn’t all I had planned for the day. Sunday’s upper body day and between picking up and putting down my 10 month old, I’d say I put my mom arms to the limit. After the kids were put to bed, I opened my Tone & Sculpt App & did the deed. Between chair tricep dips, planks, and ab sets my arms were BURNING! Which reminds me of these amazing arms I saw on TikTok today, that girl was killing it, definitely arm goals. But anyways, my 2 upper body workouts lasted about 45 minutes. I also crushed tf out of my Apple rings record for most calories burned in a single day along with doubling my daily move goal. Getting those award alerts on my watch has been more satisfying lately.

I didn’t eat as much as i planned to though, i just wasn’t hungry until i was.

M1: 7AM - 40g protein shake

M2: 2:30PM - 2 pieces of chicken thighs w/ 1&1/2 cups of conchitas.

  • STEPS: 14,748

  • MOVE: 902/ 400 CALORIES


  • STAND: 17/12 HOURS