Welcome to the Golden Goddess Alchemy Newsletter! I’m elated that you decided to show support or find out a bit more. A good Alchemist knows that it is simply reciprocating the energy I've put into my videos, newsletters, and also gives me that caffeine hit to bring you more consistent content. I often love a hot tea, latte, or cold brew coffee when writing and planning content for my videos and posts! It'll mean even so much more to me that it was provided by those of you who have found me and truly resonate with my videos.

My YouTube channel - Golden Goddess Alchemy began as a fun way for me to channel my creative energies, express myself, and explore my interests. Along the way I am finding it to be a wonderful space for deep conversations regarding the beautiful inner powers within the feminine consciousness. For so long, I have been inspired by Ancient Goddesses of Egypt aka The Land of Khem. The archetypal energies they've come to represent have helped me tremendously on my path to inner healing and compassion. It seems we all have plenty of healing to do. Especially now as it's clearly a time of much awakening within our lives and even to those around us. Many of us across that globe are beginning to see major transformations as the timeless, shapeless, formlessness energies become more prevalent in our surroundings.

Alchemy has long been associated with men of the Greek civilizations and other male figures of the world. But little is discussed or uncovered regarding the powerful cycle and inner alchemy of the feminine body, mind, and soul. Which was once worshipped was also deliberately destroyed. I've always wanted to know why. Many feminine principles and major deities have been vastly removed, undermined, or disregarded. Not only have women been wiped away from the main intellectual and philosophical influences and depictions, but also were the many traditions and discoveries of melanated people in which Alchemy had even derived. Alkhemy - meaning from the land of Khem (Ancient Egypt).

The Golden Goddess is the principle of constantly evolving and transmuting undesirable energies aka lead into Gold. Aligning oneself to the higher vibrations, where the energy is harmonious, balanced, and tuned to an enlightened life of true inner joy, peace, love, and constantly flowing in and attracting what is best for you. The Golden Goddess represents the fruitful, fertile, lush, radiating, energy of the "Golden One" within, also with the cow goddess, Hathor of Ancient Egypt, the goddess Ishtar, of Ancient Sumeria, Aphrodite, from Greek Mythology, and Oshun, of Yoruba religion.

By supporting my channel, you can expect to see more of my thoughts, inspirations, and sources to these deep and hidden topics. My awakening lead me to many experiences, discoveries, and tools to keep a healthier balance and alignment to the choices and paths that can truly withstand and elevate you along this type of journey. I hope you stick around and enjoy these insights and also engage in discussions with me about how they impact you as well. Until next time.... peace and blessings! 😘💫- Isa