(I like to make a note, this was a story I wrote 6 years ago. It's not the greatest but it's something I wanted to post for a while. It was kind of base on a dream I had then also. And decided to write about it. So expect a lot of typos and run-in sentences. XD Sorry!)

It was a long time ago, I made a promise to someone in the forest....in the warm summer sky....but these memories fade just like the fall leaves.


It seems lately I've been having more dreams about this 'someone'. But now that I'm going to high school and all I must get my act together. My name is Masayume. Enro, Masayume. My parents name me that cause it was a quote, 'dream come true' that they were able to have a daughter.

I'll get more to the point at that later...

“Oh, I guess I better check the news before I go.”

I manage to say, grabbing my lunch and checking the time. I turn on the tv and it's the same boring news as always. Watch out for intergalactic storms this afternoon. Be wary of sudden night shifts, but it looks like it's going to be a nice spring morning.

“Ah, if only...”

Oh, let me explain, someone figure out how to open gates between worlds. Supposedly, they also unleash a few things as well. But I'll try to keep this short as I'm heading outdoor to go to school...I know what you’re thinking. Where is my family? Well...they're all busy. And I'm normally by myself. I'm the youngest member in my family. And with the realms as it is, I can understand why.

So, to put things shortly, we live in a world where monsters, angels, magic users, along with human science exist in this world together. But there are those who protect the boards between worlds. They are only known as 'Gatekeepers'. And they keep the peace between each realm, so to speak. Of course, in each realm, they have their own 'Defenders', in case of invasions or attacks. But here on earth everything been going okay...I guess. I don't really care for stuff like that. I just want to make it through high school without getting killed! I heard lately that some students have disappear... Not because they run away or something normal like that...but because they get kidnapped and force into another realm. Of course, the Gatekeepers mostly recover anyone missing by unknown force or magic behind it. But sometimes those students who have disappear, agree to it...

I just rather wonder what will become of me. Ah, I shouldn't worry about it...

“Good morning Enro-san.”

“Oh, Good morning.”

It's at least nice to be normal. But as a human, myself, there's always a danger. Ah, and speaking of danger himself...There's mister-popular-with-the-girls himself...

“Good morning.”

Suddenly an array of girls showed up and I nearly get trample over in their rush to greet him! Gees! I know we just started High School, but can they at least calm down a bit. My friend helps me up.... She managed to help me up from the ground after I manage to dodge away from the crowd of girls.

“Oh, thank you Okugi-san.”

She gives me a warm smile. It's weird, out of all my friends, I never expect to become friends with an elf. She's warm nature and mostly shy. When I first met her, she was mostly by herself. I figure she could use a friend and I could use the company. Mostly cause I'm outcast in the sea of different creatures...

“Oh dear, I know Koijini-san is popular.”

“But as an Incubus, he needs to tone down his abilities a lot. I almost got trample by that mob of girls!”

“He can't help that...”

“I think he does it intentionally.”

I manage to dust myself off. As I went to grab my bag, someone else seem to have picked it up for me, but to my surprise, it was the other popular guy here in the school. It was obvious, because all the students seem to admire him, but mostly the girls.

“It's Komen-sempai!”

I heard one of the girls say, as suddenly, the students moved out the way and bow to him.

“Good morning, Komen-san!”

“Ah, good morning.”

I then realize he still had my bag. But he turns to me with a smile and handed it back to me.

“Try and be more careful now, Miss Enro-san.”

I took it, but not without feeling the heavy stares of those around me. My only ability that I have in this supernatural world, and it had to be turn against me! I can sense people ahead of time.... that’s pretty much it. But it can be helpful at identifying monsters.


I mutter almost silently as I looked down a bit. My 'sense' is how I figure out how Komen-san is a vampire. Sure, he smiles but he doesn't smile fully or show off his fangs or anything like that. Most of the monster here are just trying to blend in into the human world. It's funny, some enjoy staying on earth. However, there are those who want to rule Earth, which is why we have the Gatekeepers. The main Gatekeeper is a lot more powerfully and guard the main gates between realms. But there are those who help in that type of field as well. They may not be the main Gatekeeper, but they help keep the peace in the world as well. I believe they are called the Shuei, also known as Doorkeepers. They are different creatures/people from across all the realms that help. I should know, my older brother is one of them.

I suddenly heard the bell ringing.


I said as I ran to the school. I didn't want to be late! It's bad enough that sometimes my mind wonders and I ended up slightly late to class.

(To be continue)