I always seem to show up just as the teacher shows up too!

But today I manage to make it without a hitch. I sat down at my desk and glance over at Okugi. Her full name is Okugi, Sanrin. I call her Okugi-san cause we're just friends. But not too formal enough to be called best friends. Thought time to time she does call me Enro-chan. Which I don't mind. It's kind of cute.

“Alright class...”

I heard the teacher say and everyone stood up from their seat. Me being distracted I stood up last again taking the teacher's notice.... It’s annoying really. He seems to always pick on me. But then again...our teacher isn't human either. I can sense something about him but it's hard to pinpoint because he can hide his aura a lot better the most creatures. I almost thought he was a vampire too. But then why was his aura warm? These thoughts always bug me. After bowing and doing the normal routine. We sat down and started class. And at once he picked on me for the answers to questions on the board. He's class is the only one I force myself to pay attention to. Cause if I don’t, he finds some way to punish me for the lack of not paying attention for one minute! Sometimes I even wonder what I did to deserves his wrath. But then again...I'm not even sure about it either.

Class was normal, and at break I think about what to do for the next class...ung..gym is not one of my favorite classes...but not cause I'm bad at sports but cause of the girls in the changing room...I normally wouldn't care but they always seem to ask questions....

“What do you get for lunch today?”

I was suddenly snap out of my thoughts by Okugi-san. I gave a ginger laugh and rub the back of my head.

“Ah....well...just the normal I guess?”

“Normal? But your lunch is different each time.”

“It is? Hmm...I never notice.”

Truthfully, I never really did notice that I made a different lunch each time. I thought I was using the same things, but I always added something different to it. Thanks to the different creatures of realm, I learn to expand my thinking of cooking. Well, as long as it tastes good. I'm not sure...truthfully half the time everything I make for lunch looks like a mess and rush, but it always tastes good. But when I take the time to do it right, it seems to taste bland to me. But Okugi seems to like it either way.

“Are you going to gym? I heard they’re going to practice running and jumping today.”

“There's no avoiding it....”

I left off that comment with a sigh, as I get up.  I have to talk to the school's nurse first. If they're fine with it, then I must go to class soon afterwards. I drag myself a bit, hopping that I don't have to but eventually I know that I'm perfectly fine. On the way there, however I notice the class president was talking to someone in the hallway. Looks like it's Komen-san... He's always helpful in certain things but he's still a vampire... I walk by slightly bowing, in an excuse me type of way. But I couldn't help that he was staring at me for some reason. I could sense it, and it's been like that sense I started school! What's with this guy? Did I do something wrong??

I kind of shrug it off as I head to the nurse's office. They weren't there yet... so I decided to just make myself comfy as I waited. But I was disappointed when I found out someone else is already making themselves comfy.

“ Koijini-san.”

I mutter, annoyed. Out of all the guys in the school to find sleeping in the nurse office bed! Why was he here anyway? Avoiding his fan club? Or maybe.... I quickly shook my head of that thought. He's an incubus! Of course, he can live off of ….'that'. But it doesn't mean he has to do it around the school! My anger got the best of me, and I kicked the bed suddenly without thinking. That made him groan and wake up a bit.

“Ah....Nurse-san, can't I sleep a little bit longer? I'm exhausted.”

He mutters rolling over and trying to fall back to sleep. But it only fueled my angry, but before I could do anything, I suddenly saw the bed flip over, as if someone had magically force it flip him out of the bed. Koijini-san falls onto the floor as the bed places itself back the way it was.

“Well maybe you should be actually doing work instead of using this area as a luxury!”

That woke him, he got up groaning and rubbing his eyes.

“You're always so mean to me.”

“And you're always using this place as a getaway! Ung..Ichiyou-san, if you don't return to your class room. I'll tell father about your recent behavior issues.”

“You wouldn't dare!”

“If only I could have had a younger brother who didn't flaunt his powers so uselessly.”

I can see the angry from Koijini's eyes as he glares over at The school Nurse. Who had just showed up and walked over to the beds. Considering that the Nurse is his older brother, it was obvious, both have the same type of aura to them. However, Koijini's brother seem to have his under control. He doesn't flirt as badly as his brother, but he still does. Sometimes at the students but the headmaster keeps him under-check. I think it was at that moment that he notices me.

“Ah, miss Eron-san. What brings you here today? Is something wrong?”

“Ah..um..it's about gym class.”

“Hmm...oh yes. That. I almost forgot. Your parents sent me the conditionals of your situation. Just have a seat and I'll get to you in a moment. And as for you!”

He suddenly grabs Koijini's shirt before he could dash off. I went to sit down in the chair and waited. However, what Koijin's brother said to him was in a whisper so I couldn't hear, but it was obviously not good news as he seems to somewhat glare at me and walked off a bit annoyed. Why do I get these looks from random people?

After getting a brief checkup. I was clear to go to gym. The reason behind these checkups is because what happen to me almost 3 years ago. Everyone keeps saying I'm lucky to be alive.... I made it to the changing room just in time. The girls set their stuff into their lockers and changed. As I got undress and started to change, it was always the same...the silents and then quite whispering. Like I wouldn't notice. It was obvious.  Okugi was next to me and try to keep things friendly.

“It's good your here today. I would have been nervous by myself.”

I gave her an easy smile. I know she was glad to see me, but she had that worry looked too. Suddenly, a new girl I never met before decided to ask me.

“Um, excuse me, but what happen...”

“Oh, hey. Um, oh, you mean the scars? I'm not really sure. The only thing the doctors would tell me was, I was attack by some type of animal.”

Of course, I knew that was a lie. No animal on earth could of cause the mark on my back like that. The way that was made, like someone slice into my back. Trying to kill me. Truthfully, I don't know who would want to do that to me. They manage to mostly heal up over the past couple years. But the truth is, it's all blurry to me...What I remember was being out in the forest and then running, but nothing much in-between. Stuff like that happens when you're not careful. I let out a slight laugh to ease the new girl's nervous look.

“Don't worry. It didn't happen anywhere near here. I'm sure on that. But we better hurry don't want to be late!”

I said as I quickly dressed in my PE clothing. Truthfully, I like wearing the boy gym clothing over the girls. They didn't cover up much and not to mention my PE clothing for this school didn't fit and I had to reorder a new one so I'm borrowing my younger brother's. He used to go to this school, and they still had the same colors. PE was normal...We were all expect to leap over this board thing in class. Truthfully there was guys out there along with the girls. But seeing Okugi-san jump over the vault gracefully made me rethink that this isn't going to end well for me. But then I saw Koijini-san, with is normal crowd of people, about to take the vault jump. But suddenly there was Komen-san there too. They seem to be going at heads again...seeing who's better. I honestly don't really care. But then I saw Koijini jump over the vault, he did some type of flip and landed with ease, giving his normal smirk. Komen looked unimpressed as his turn came and he did a better flip, landing on one foot, but easing up with a bow. This causes the crowd of students to cheer for him. But also cause Koijini to scorn at him. They started arguing. Well, Koijini started arguing, Komen just ignored his rant, and looking bored.

Finally, my turn came up as the teacher call my name and startle me out of my thoughts. I gave my stance I was supposed to do and started to run. I'm not going to show off, just do a normal vault. But just as I was about to jump I 'sense' something....It was a cold chill that threw me off completely as I went for a bad jump and landed face first into mat after the vault....I let out a soft groan as I heard the laughter in the background.

“Miss Eron-san! Next time land on your feet.”

“Yes teacher...”

I said getting up. I just happen to glance over at the boy's side and notice that both Komen-san and Koijini-san where staring at me. But oddly it wasn't a friendly smile...it was a type of stare that you get when something serious happen.... Is that what cause the chill? Okugi-san, on the other hand, came over to see if I was okay.

“That was some fall...”

“What do you mean? I only fell on my face.”

“You didn't realize you did a flip first?”

“I did?”

My mind blanked on me for a moment...I didn't realize when I jumped, I flipped but landed on my face! Great! So that's why they're staring at me? Is it because I try to show off?? Now I felt embarrassed.

“Ung! As if today couldn't get in worst!”

(To be continue.)