We all knew that God is a sovereign being. He is a person who plan things well before he start doing anything. In the book of Genesis and Jeremiah we can see the evidences of God planning things. The question is why did God chose golgotha to be the place where his only begotten son have to die? (John19:17-18)

Golgotha or the place of skull. The name itself will make you ask why golgotha?

Let us describe golgotha.

Golgotha - place of injustice, place of mourning, place of penalty and death, place of hopelessness, place of pride, place of worst reputation, place of shame and retaliation, place of rebels, criminals, slave and lawless people, place of brutality, biases, discrimination, place of insults, place of hypocrites and envious people, place of greed, place of the foolish, unbelief, hate, division and gambling.

The perfect and best word to desribe and define the lives of the people is Golgotha. (Having the worst reputation.)