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Gothickangel Studios is a Canadian studio that makes artwork balancing light and darkness within our world and beyond it. Light does not always mean divine, dark not always evil. I have worked for some large and small business', done charity work and volunteered. I have knowledge in digital media including animation, audio video editing, graphic and web design.

Currently working on my 'Darknight Manga' based on my OC Lily Knight and others. I have more than many pages done so far. And try to get one page out at the end of each month. Also working on a comic animation intro and a few shorts. 

My artwork is expressed through mixed medium and digital media. Using polymer clay I create dolls, charms, cosplay and more. I love to use the polymer clay because its more with touch then sight. I also post videos on 'hows it made' and short animations.

I do this as a hobby. I have a traumatic permanent brain injury (I did not cause it) and spinal cord injury. I do this as part of my brain and eye physio. I work at my own pace only on my good days.