I wanted to introduce myself to you. I go by Grannybythechair and am a 51 year old Disabled Woman that became Disabled after being hit by someone Texting and Driving. I have had 39 surgeries and developed CRPS from the accident. I fought Social Security for 6 years and finally was approved. They only went back 1 year and I do not qualify for Medicare for another year. My SSDI payment puts me on a spend-down of 627 a month before anything is covered by Medicaid. I am hoping some kind-hearted people will donate to help me get through this year. CRPS is the Highest known pain to man according to the McGill Pain Scale and is miserable. I get Monthly Ketamine Infusions that are not covered by insurance to help my pain. If I don't get them I am chair or bedridden. If I can get close to the amount, then I can get them and meet my spend-down. I just want to be as independent as possible but without getting these I am nothing but a burden. Thank you for reading! If you have questions, feel free to ask!