January is often the month athletes will spend time working on goals. We all know about SMART goals, but what exactly does this look like? In what format do we record this?

The easiest option is to write a short personal statement, something like the following:

I really enjoy [SPORT] and in order to develop by abilities I must pursue personal goals. My goal is to [SPECIFIC, MEASURED, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC] by [TIME-BOUND or date]. This goal is important to provide focus to my training.

It's important to give this personal statement context and it can sometimes take a few attempts to fill in the gaps. Goals can be scary and exciting in equal measure, so getting the right balance between the two takes time. In each iteration you'll be repeating the goal to yourself, further embedding the commitment. Visualise the goal, the way you look and feel as this can be quite powerful in how you pursue the challenge.