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Working on mods for Civilization VI, mostly new civilizations!

Hello boys and girls! It's me, Durkle, probably the best modder known to all of Civilization VI. Just kidding, I suck. However, if you happen to like my mods anyway, go ahead and buy me a coffee!

In real life, I'm an American that just graduated high school in Israel/Palestine, and I'm preparing to go to the University of Amsterdam to study Linguistics. However, I hope to continue making mods in my free time!

All of my mods will remain free and open source forever, but these little donations can help me get by. I also don't plan on accepting commissions for mods - I work on what I want - but I also try and make mods that appeal to the civilization fanbase!

Zachary McAulay bought Durkle 5 coffees.

Legend, thanks for helping represent civilizations that are under represented.