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In the Direction of a Super Power

Oct 15, 2022

I think this is an example of it sounds too good to be true. Or maybe it’s too easy to work

We have control over our emotional systems, also known as our feelings. They don’t have control over us. If you think of someone you’ve known for a very long time and they’ve always maintained a particular disposition, for example, miserable, happy, grumpy, angry, fearful, or someone who worries all the time.

They often believe that that is just who they are and they can’t change. This is untrue and often lazy and cold.

Our emotions have a frequency attached, and we attract things of a similar frequency into our life.

Our emotions have a frequency attached, and we attract things of a similar frequency into our life.

That’s why the person who’s always worrying has bad things happen to them all the time, and to keep them in that always worrying state. The person who’s always happy seems always to have good things happen to them. That’s not coincidental.

We can consciously change our own vibrations or emotional states. The first step is to be aware of the emotion and its purpose. So, if you’re feeling fear, that means danger is present, and that’s an emotion designed to get you to pay attention and get into fight or flight mode.

Today we have a world in fear for no reason. They’re taking pills and booze to get rid of it, but their fears are unseeded. There is nothing attacking them. They’re in no danger.

Fear is an emotion, like any low vibrating emotion, that I don’t want to have because I know it’s going to attract more things into my life that would make me fearful.

I prefer emotional states that are highly vibrating, like happiness or love. I’m going to shift my awareness to this new, desired emotion after I’ve done a quick check-in with my fear. I want to do a quick check that there’s nothing to be afraid of. 

If there is no present threat, the emotion of fear is useless and will not attract things to be afraid of. Fuck that. Choose happiness fast if the emotion of fear is no longer serving me. 

The blocks that make this difficult is when there is a lack of self-love. We get stuck in states that are low frequency, like sad, stressed, depressed, anxious, afraid, worried, or grief. Then we don’t know how to get out of those states because emotional wounds caused the blockages. 

This holds us back from the joy we deserve. Healing is required, and the first step to healing is always awareness. 

We often subconsciously believe we aren’t worthy of love if we aren’t shown it unconditionally. This can keep us in low-vibe moods or dispositions. 

By learning to love yourself, the reward is the ability to stay in a more consistent emotional high-vibrating state like love. Before my focus on inner work, my emotional states were often low, like depression, anxious and guilt.

Those low-frequency emotions are necessary and serve a purpose at times, but we aren’t required to live there. When you love yourself, it’s easy to switch to vibrating at a feel-good kinda place.

This is one of those simple but not easy deals.

I’ve always struggled with low moods, overthinking and worry. I have wasted a lot of my life worrying about the thoughts and opinions, and judgements that others have of me. It was typical for me to stay in these low, overthinking, depressed moods for a long time.

I felt stuck. I didn’t know how to cross the hall and move into the room that was a happy place.

Many of us live in our heads and away from our hearts, but it’s through opening up our heart space that creates connection. 

With a more love-based vibration, our lives seem to just get easier and feel more pleasant in a short amount of time. It’s basically just shifting into feeling present rather than in the standard past or the future 

I think the number one step in understanding (or innerstanding) is knowing this is possible. Knowing we can control our emotions, rather than have them manage us, is a superpower. Awareness is power. 

The next great big critical understanding is the belief that we can change. 

If someone has been in a certain mood for 35 years, it may be impossible for them to accept that change is possible. Or it may sound like too much work, and that’s okay because our journeys are ours alone. 

This isn’t for everyone.

If you don’t believe you can heal yourself, improve yourself, or work on your inner self by using techniques involving enhancing and controlling your emotional state, well, if you don’t believe that’s possible, than it'll never happen.

Some of the hardest things to do are the simplest. If you don’t like the way you feel, change. Everything is against us to experience natural wellness, including our emotions. We are the only people who can make ourselves feel better, and it begins with being aware we can. 

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