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I am writing to live.  In January of 2022, I was exposed to and got COVID-19 which developed into Long Covid. I had been previously disabled and immunocompromised but became much more disabled with Long Covid. When I lost my health I also lost my ability to work and have since become housing insecure. I am doing everything in my power to remain as stable as possible while traversing the landscape of new sudden disabilities that there is no treatment for. I write about my experiences and the ideas that shape my views and beliefs and inform my actions. So if you've ever wondered what makes me - a queer, poly, disabled, sex-positive, unstoppable cupcake - tick, keep reading! (Hint* it's mostly disabled rage and thirst sustaining me at this point) My goal is to earn enough subscribers to be able to support myself while disabled. I am already on my way and will eventually achieve my goal one small step at a time.  I am really glad you are here with me and I really look forward to earning your readership and getting to share my life with you.  I sincerely hope that you will choose a membership today and share this with others who may enjoy this as well.  I couldn't do any of this without you and your support - Thank you! 💜💀💜