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As an earth system scientist and ecologist I model ecosystem processes and provide free community tools (for R and python mostly) to facilitate this research. If you use any of my free tools intensively in research or teaching please consider buying me a coffee to continue development.

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Hi Koen, I haven't had a chance to try daymetr yet, but I do use Daymet data and will be trying it out soon. I'm wondering if the package could work as a template for something similar to access daily TopoWx data, at 800m x 800m resolution. No idea if that's feasible, but I'd be interested. Thanks for all the work you do on shareable packages for R and Python. Cheers!

Hi Jane, thanks for the support. I think the TopoWx data should be accessible through USGS data portal using the geoknife R package and the python variant pyGDP. . Cheers, K

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Hi Koen, I recently became aware of your SnotelR SNOTEL Explorer tool.  Really nice!  I am certainly no R-ninja, but I got it running and am enjoying it.   I do have a question:  can you tell me specifically what "EOS" and "SOS"  represent in the snow phenology view.     FYI, I work for the Washington State Dept of Ecology's water resources program in the US of A.   Thank you for creating this nice tool! 

Hi Jeffrey, The EOS and SOS abbreviations refer to end-of-season and start-of-season, respectively. I hope the software serves you well. Thanks again for the coffee!

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