Yesterday we took the last 4 of our summative exams (we've had 17 exams so far) for the first block of medical school! Our school has it set up so that each block is 8 weeks long. It is crazy to think that I've already been in medical school for 8 whole weeks! It seems like just yesterday that I got accepted, and it still doesn't feel real.

At the end of every 2 week period, we have a summative exam over the previous 2 weeks' material. At the end of the 8 week block, we have an anatomy practical (identifying structures from pictures of cadavers), an OMM practical (demonstrating the skills we have learned in our Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine course), and a cumulative exam in each course covering all of the content from the 8 week block.

The last summative exams went very well and have helped give me some confidence going into the cumulative exams at the end of the week. As long as I don't fail any of the cumulative exams, the school has given us the week off next week for fall break (if you fail an exam, this week is used as a remediation week to get everyone back up to speed).

I have learned the equivalent of a semester of material from undergrad in just 2 months of medical school and I am finally finding my groove when it comes to studying. I will use the week off to relax a little, connect with old friends, and do a little planning for our next block that will only include more courses on top of what we are already doing. I better sign off and get back to studying for the rest of these exams, but expect weekly updates from me here in addition to the weekly videos on YouTube!

Shout out to my sister, Morgan, for being my very first follower and supporter on this platform. I really appreciate the support from my family and could not be where I am today without them!