Another year has fallen behind us, victim to time.2022 stretches in front of us, blank, unused, and ready to be filled with memories.Wickedly exciting, isn't it, to have such an open space in front of us to do with it what we will? Well, I'm eager about it at least. This upcoming year marks a change for me in my career. It's the year I will crack my knuckles and show what I'm capable of on the market.How do I know it?I can feel it in my bones.The stars have aligned and the... more

Jan 03

It's the winter solstice, my absolute favourite day of the year. There's a chill in the ai


Dec 21

Winter Rain

I watched your shadow crumbleBeneath the iridescent moonlightCascading like water down from the sky.It fell beneath your feet as the effulgentWater lapping at your shoesTremored, thought twice about rottingYour twilight glory.___________________________________Still, it slunk closer until it kissed the fabricWrapped around your freezing toesAnd pulled itself higher and higherUntil it could grab hold Of your trousers and force a shiverTo rattle the bones of your shoulders.-Silver Serpent... more

Dec 13

Malevolent Delight
It's interesting, the concept of hidden malevolence in something as innocuous as a kiss. A tend

Dec 07

When You're Tired...

Make sure you still write.It's a little counterintuitive, I'll admit. When I first used to feel my energy drain, I would button up my work, close my tabs, and move on to some relaxing stuff. TV, reading, exercise, what have you. However, as I've continued my writing career, I developed something I discovered while running. Sometimes, when I was really tired I had my best runs and it's because I took my overdrive mind out of it. I wasn't overthinking, I wasn't... more

Nov 30

Thanksgiving Thunderstorm
I saw you drawn across the sky and bunched between storm clouds,Trapped in the deep orange of sunset

Nov 23

Fanfiction: A Writer's Best Tool
A Poem to Get You Started
Bird Feathers In My Coffee
The Errand
Season Of The Witch