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The Hokkaido English Challenge is an English competition for junior and senior high school students. It was established by JET Program participants in 1994 as a means of motivating students to improve their speaking skills. HEC’s founders hoped that interaction with Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) would boost the student’s confidence and language abilities. The test challenges students to use the English they have learned beyond the classroom setting, allowing them more interaction with a native English speaker, while using their abilities creatively.

HEC hosts an immersive English summer camp for top winners in each junior and senior high division. After a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the HEC team are proud to announce that the camp WILL return in 2023!

To provide prizes, HEC relies on entry fees and donations gathered from fundraisers. It is only with the fantastic support from the Hokkaido Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching (HAJET) and Hokkaido’s ALTs that we are able to hold this competition every year. HEC is accredited by the Hokkaido Board of Education and is sponsored by HAJET.

北海道イングリッシュチャレンジ(HEC – Hokkaido English Challenge)とは中学生と高校生向けの英語能力試験やイングリッシュキャンプです。生徒に英語のコミュニケーション力を上達させる動機付けとして、1994年にJETプログラムの参加者に創立されました。創設者は外国語指導助手(ALT)と対話しながら、生徒達の自信や英語力は上がれるようになると願っていました。HECのテストやキャンプは英語でコミュニケーション取りながら海外の文化を学べる特殊な機会です。