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Hey 👋 thanks for visiting! I create Virtual World Exploration videos! I know that some of you may not have the opportunity to travel on a whim, and maybe you just want to explore from the comfort of your own home? I plan to travel to far places and bring you only the real experiences to make you feel that you are actually there. Walking, biking, hiking, droning, day/night scenes, ambient sounds, food porn is what you can expect. Welcome to Krypto Trekker =)

Get on the TOP LIST! To get your video request on the list, this is how it works: 1 coffee = 1 destination. So if you would like me to film 3 destinations, that would be 3 coffees, simple enough right! =) Become a monthly membership supporter, get a free shout out. Become a annual membership supporter, get a free sticker! 

Thanks so much for the support! ~ KT

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