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Home Grown Aussie Veg is a long-running project that helps followers to learn about gardening, just as I have over the last 5 years. You're following me in my journey of growing plants - especially food crops - that promote healthy and active lifestyles and sustaining ourselves (in large part or small part) through home gardening. Through failures and successes, and many discoveries of what works and what doesn't seem to work, we become better gardeners.

In blog style, I share my gardening with you and hope you have fun and learn to grow your own food crops wherever you may be.

The support I receive from you is most welcome and helps to build a bigger and better garden, with lots of tips, tricks, and techniques for using our gardening spaces more effectively and efficiently to grow our own supply of garden-fresh fruit and vegetables.

The BIG long-term goal is to one day have a small hobby farm that has hundreds of fruit trees, dozens of raised bed gardens growing vegetables, green houses, all the equipment and resources needed for a wonderful garden, and share the story of how it came together, how it was set-up and established, and tracking the planting, harvesting, tending, challenges, successes, discoveries, and results with all of my followers.

I want you to connect with the human story behind it too. How gardening can be very good. How we can use our gardens for the good of the community.

It's a big dream!!

But a big journey starts with just one step.

The more immediate goal is just some equipment upgrading. First, some mics that allow me to work with free hands. Then some better cameras and equipment that allows you to follow my gardening more closely. Then a greenhouse doubling as a kind of gardening studio.

My grandfather was a very successful home gardener. Living through the Great Depression, WWI and WWII, he and his family knew how to garden. It was essential for survival back then and helped his family and community. Food gardening was very common. Keeping chickens for their eggs, and goats and cows for milk and keeping the lawn 'mowed' was also very common. Self-sufficiency was huge!!

We've lost that somewhat today, and desperately need to reconnect with that today. It is better for the planet, our communities, our families, and our health.

I hope to encourage people to grow food and be more self-sufficient in their own homes.

I thank you for your support!!!