I was listening to Jay-Z "legacy", thinking about what will I leave for the next generation although legacy means leaving a will or a property

Today I want to share a piece of history that may never be given to the youth of South Africa, hopefully this wil be a foundation on building the nation we would like to see. You may wonder what this review has to do with Hip Hop, as we all know Hip Hop has transcended to become a means for seeing,celebrating,experiencing , understanding, confronting and commenting on life and the world. 

Todays purpose is to remind ourselves of the 5th Element of Hip Hop which is knowledge and hopefully today's review may bring or reflect our identity as South Africans. Todays review is based on the book "Modest Life Changer" the true story of Poison Thage written by Molefi Mika. Poison Thage who is one of the most well known Martial Artists in our country reflects on growing up in Katlehong during the Apartheid Era. He carved a wonderful career in martial arts, travelled to Japan working with the legendary karate master Masutatsu Oyama, working in production internationally with James Earl Jones, Spike Lee and many others.

Peter Thage is a fine example of hardwork,dedication,teamwork and perseverance. We should not be surprised that Peter Thage is Vice President of the United World Karate Federation, I Rolihlahla as a Hip Hop fan of the Wu Tang Clan and a studier of the 5percent nation and great black conscious movements, believes this book should lead us to the principles of Hip Hop that we once preached in our early days during the Afrika Bambaatha and Zulu Nation era, which is peace,love,knowledge, unity and having fun. 

This is now the time to end the pattern of us celebrating our heroes, mentors and people who paved the way for us when they are dead hopefully we'll see more reviews and songs dedicated to our heroes just like other nations, to Ntate Molefi Mika and Shihah Peter Thage 'OSU'.

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