Sol Messiah and Cambatta have given us a hot hardcore banging track claiming their dominance as they reign sol supreme. 

The first five lines begin with a concept similiar to  Frankenstein " I should of been here a long time ago

Took a while to find the right skull that my brain fits

Big heart gotta make sure the rib cage thick

Strong legs supporting the frame that I placed it

Faceless you don't even notice when I shapeshift" you can also compare those lines with the Promotheus god story.

He continues with a modern story of machines distracting human beings like the matrix movies

"Whether in a globe or in a matrix


Clone that be patrolling with the name Smith

Neo in this insane glitch

Bang clips

Dodge it, I reloaded 'til it grazed him

Flame lit

Finally I woke up from this strange trip

Wake since" exposing the Aquarian age we are living in.

Take note of the question he asks on the second verse,

"What if you're the lone survivor

Last human ever known surviving alone

Last soul acquires the whole entire combined light

Of every living soul that died on the globe

Life twilight zone inspired

What's power in the hands of the only fiver is own

Nation of one, Earth if you don't divide her

Moses, Joseph, Job, Elijah" he makes you wonder what would you as the last living breed do on planet earth but observing that question from a metaphorical perspective, there are many people who are living dead like zombies and those who are awakened  feel like they are alone in the midst of these zombies hence he uses the example of only fivers like Moses,Joseph,Elijah and Job are all biblical figures who have went through isolation and leading the nation but Cambatta calls himself the fifth and last amongst them, and that line completes the concept of the song as being Sol Supreme.