Another Witchcraft production called the midnight cowboy with the first line "when the solar system collapses" questioning the cosmic event that is coming. Scientists believe  that our Sun will die ejecting a large proportion of its mass before it shrinks down to a white dwarf,

Second verse begins with the line " my favourit part of the story the beginning of the new cycle" remember that second verse speaks of a reptilian  race in the sumerian tablets the akkadian language Nibiru which means crossing point it is believed that sumerians warned us of a Planet X that will cause the Apocalypse on planet earth according to a scholar known as Zecharia Sitchin.

Third verse " The building collapse" the planet x approaches from beyond the solar system and then it will trigger the end times. This song gives proof that there were always predictions of an end time before the bible even existed. I always tell my religious friends in the bible Abraham was a Sumerian, Nimrod who ruled Sumeria was the Son of  Kush( Father of The Ethiopians) who was the Son Of Ham ( Check Genesis 10) known as the progenitor of the African.

Africa return to your knowledge and listen to the song yourself peace.

Witchcraft ft Bravestarr - Midnight Cowboy