Sorry, I am bad at this updating thing. I have never been good at self promotion. I hope I was clear about that, but even so, I should make a greater effort to add to here. I've posted a new chapter at Minigirl Central under The Tourist: Homelife.
I've also been posting an updated version of chapters of the original Tourist story under the title: The Cruise on under the user name of, HHunter1.

One of the other reasons I'm on today is to make a list of facts so I don't repeat any if possible. Hate to tell you twice about something. And this did get me wondering my followers, should I include facts for my non-Company based stories? Would you like tidbits about one of my other words? Any questions about my stories or ideas? As a reactive creator it does help to know people are interested. Also would tell me what ideas were more then my passing interest.

Also I have got off my duff and finished titling and editing chapters 21-30 in The Tourist/The Cruise and will be posting that for that level membership today.

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well.