When I started writing Shrunken women erotica I was really only writing bits of stories I wanted to read. Then I added one to the now defuncted VSW board and it got attention. I, being human, liked that attention and wrote more in that story. And I gotten more attention encouraging more.

Now, since VSW has gone away, I post on Minigirl Central. Nice people and all but, so little attention. And the more I post and get no feed back on anything, the harder I find it is to write. Plans and ideas are in my mind. I just have little motivation to type them out. I'm half thinking of stop posting there. Yet that feels kind of selfish in away. Like, pay me attention or no more product.

More importantly, where would I send you, my supporter(s), to read my content. Yes, I'm on Archive. Yet since that's new I have been slowly introducing The Cruise (AKA: The Tourist) there as one chapter a week. It wouldn't be fair to you, giving me encouragement, to say you'll have to wait till I get there eventually to read fully new material. No, not fair. I won't do that.

I think I mostly just want someone to say, good job HHunter1. We enjoyed that. Or make suggestions like what about this? Or show an interest like, you mentioned this, how does that work in your world(s)? I am a very feed back encouraged writer, and well, besides the support here, I have no feed back coming.

Now I know this is just a whiny post. It is to get it out of my system. Rest assured, no matter what I ramble on about. As long as your behind me, I'll keep creating for you. I'm just feeling sorry for myself and need to rant it out. Please understand, the only thing getting me to type at all is my knowledge that I am at least entertaining you. So, thank you for that and allowing my to ramble out my selfish self-doubting feelings. I needed that.