Visual artist and drawger from Medellin Colombia

Drawing is the basis of Hernán Marín’s artwork, technique developed with the use of different support, as Steel, glass, ice, and paper. With a refined technique and a meticulous line, he has explored landscapes and the human figure to create compositions that loiters metaphysical through the creation of atmospheres and the use of emptiness. In his work can be appreciated this stopped moment; is the capture of a unique moment that expresses through his pencil, as in a no-instant picture, where time and office are not necessary to reach the final result. Those empty spaces are not absence, but presence. It’s the hidden landscape that we cannot see and that is occult with white; the fog, the indefinite, the nothingness is what surrounds the characters and allow understanding the scale in which space is shaped. Even in his human representations, Marín questions the landscape in a field beyond the physical