⚡️Flash Friday⚡️🪕🎼

Featured Tab - Gentle On My Mind by John Hartford

On Fridays I am going to post one custom tab of mine, and with this select tab I will mark it down considerably from the original price. The sale will be for that ONE DAY only, and then the price will return to normal. So be fast to act if you are interested!!

In the first edition of Flash Friday, we have the song Gentle On My Mind. This one took me many hours and days to tab out. It is the full, complete song as John Hartford played it. I tried to get it as close to the original as possible. Of course, he played it five times faster than this. It is in an alternate tuning.

If you pick up the tab let me know, and I will gladly send you the video of me playing the full song at a slow speed to help you learn it by yourself.

Remember, this deal is for 24 hours ONLY. It is even cheaper if you are a member!

👇🏻🪕🎼Get the tab below: