Hello Everyone,

I created memberships on my page around a half year ago. I have since learned several things and wanted to adjust some of the benefits that I offer. I also want you to be the first ones to know about it!

Here is a brief overview of the different membership tiers.

Keep it Up, Don't Give Up! ($2/month or $20/annually)

Maybe my tutorials or tabs have helped you, and you want to show your appreciation in some small way. If so, this is the tier for you. Your support helps me to continue creating new content.

Benefits include:

  • Shout out on social media

1 Coffee a Month on Me ($5/month or $50/annually)

If you’re looking for tabs mainly, this is the tier for you.

Benefits include:

  • 1 FREE tab for every 6 months you are a member

  • Shout out on social media

Tester's Tabbers ($12/month or $120/annually)

Exclusive group tailored to those who request tabs often. This is the most exclusive membership tier with the most benefits. You also get a free tab of your choice every 3 months which is pretty sweet.

Benefits include:

  • Custom tab requests at a discounted rate

  • 1 FREE tab quarterly (every 3 months you are a member)

  • Exclusive audio recordings of tabs

  • 10% off live Zoom lessons

  • Shout out on social media

If any of this has interested you or you'd like to be a part of my team of supporters, join today!

Your support means so much to me.

~Hunter Tester