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I'm an independent columnist and I publish a new column every Saturday under a Creative Commons license that enables anyone to publish it anywhere as long as they don't alter the fundamental text, for free, so that I can share my work with the world. Anyone, including you, is welcome to read or publish my stuff for nothing.

However, If you enjoy my writing, I would be glad to help if you'd like to be able to brag to your friends that you're a patron of the arts. 

If your finances, or your opinion of my work, are/is constrained a one-time donation of five bucks will make you a certified patron of the arts. If you'd like to help me avoid having to become a gigolo to shore up my cash flow you can become a member of Cranky's Club for $4 a month (or $40 a year). That's less than a buck a column and gives you access to members-only content.

If you're a generous, big-hearted, gajillionaire a one-time donation of $100,000, a mere bag of shells, will enable me to launch a unique retail ice cream concept to be run by the Stickies, make the world a better place for Ice cream lovers, and I'll make you immortal by naming a sundae after you.

I've been writing weekly columns for several years now and in my semi-humble opinion, I've gotten good enough to ask my readers to buy me a can of coffee without feeling embarrassed.

Yes, I said can. I live in the Heartland, buddy.

Five bucks buys a 10oz. can of Cafe Bustelo Espresso Ground Coffee (ALWAYS PURE AND FLAVORFUL. LIKE NO OTHER.) at Dollar General or Sparkle Market.

Good, affordable coffee and you don't have to drive all the way to d'mall to buy some.

Thanks if you do, and thanks anyway if you don't.

Regardless, if my work has pleased you, could you please share it?


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