Rare and so vulnerable infection Mucormycosis mostly none as black fungus cases are rising in all over  India present with around 10k cases total in India . The is a growth in the cases day to day. With a high mortality rate of 50 % if treated on time if not it even goes to 94% which is so dangerous. Now at present Gujarat had the highest cases followed by Maharashtra. 29 states declared this disease as epidemic. 

Reason for infection:-

Normally less infections were seen mostly previous year it was 2 cases were recorded .

The main reason for this is covid-19. Due to covid-19 for the treatment many due to steroids used in treatment of covid-19. Due to heavy usage for treatment of covid-19 the body lack the immunity to fight against fungal infection. This causes the growth of fungal infection and leads to this disease. This is mainly seen in people infected with covid 19 and the people infected with diabetes . Due to less immunity response to fungal infection.