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Certified media buyer at Cbo Wizard Social media experts in qatar, bahrein, UAE , and proud ecommerce founder and owner at tea set for adults

i'm photograph,  blog writer,Social media advertiser.

In addition to my natural urge for recognition, somehow inevitably led to my own travel blog being put on the web. As a former DJ on a cruise ship and a passionate traveler, I've been traveling a lot on our beautiful planet, especially in the last 15 years, and I still haven't seen enough. That’s why as a travel blogger I still want to travel a lot and far, preferably discover the world together with my little family, take lots of pictures and report on them in detail in my travel blog and cruise blog or sometimes offer great background images for free download. However, I do present a podcast  even my own films. Also, I don't write for any newspaper (yet). ;-) My declared goal as a blogger is to show and inform as unvarnished as possible what you experience as a tourist and to offer tips and inspiration for travel in general, also on social media and everything with the help of SEO. What started as a travel diary with lots of pictures of a single person traveling has now developed into a full-fledged family travel blog. The latter has not only changed the center of my life, but also my perspective and speed of travel. In the meantime, I'm even a member of the Association of Algerian Travel Journalists, so my own blog, Music, blogging, photography, and especially travel photography have long been more than just a cherished hobby... I also earn a few euros as a eCom