Buy Handmadestudiosyarnshop a coffee


We are Handmade Studios at Rowlands Castle, specialising in Indie, Hand Dyed Yarns.

This is a purely voluntary thing. December will mark our seventh year in the shop and we have spent all of our energies into bringing lovely hand dyed yarns to an audience in Southern England. We have shown the work of over seventy hard working, solo, hand dyers and run countless workshops and groups for the local community. What we need to do now however is improve our infrastructure This includes display stands, better kitchen faculties for workshops, external signage and general awareness promotion. Now there is a new thing called ‘Buy me a coffee’. It is used by many in the ‘arts’ to raise small amounts of money from people who enjoy their work. If you have drawn pleasure from what we try to achieve here and would like to support us to continue our work then this you the facility to support us