Buy HappyBerry a coffee


You can now support me directly here by buying me a coffee! Only a virtual coffee of course because your kind donation will primarily be going towards supporting the upkeep of my website and ultimately what I do, designing crochet patterns and offering lots of creative inspiration for free for hopefully many more years to come.

Things are getting pretty expensive now with so many active members on the site and increasing costs and it would be a shame to see the website go down on heavy traffic days or to restrict members if I had to cut costs, but it's more than that. I don't want to just run a website, I want it to thrive! I want to be able to invest in exciting new projects and open up memberships with you to offer exclusive content that you want to experience and learn from.

I also want to hear your ideas for content and features too and learn what it is you want to see on the website so by donating you would not only be a super awesome person who will become a HappyBerry honoured guest, but someone who could directly influence the future of HappyBerry!

A huge huge thank you to everyone who has donated to me so far.