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I'm a Marine Corps Veteran and I've been a professional Disc Jockey for over 30 years. I now host and produce Harford County Living with Rich Bennett.

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I love doing my podcast, and I've been very fortunate to have some great co-hosts and interesting guests, and I always seem to learn something new from each one. Musicians, Authors, Artists, Politicians, Business Owners and even young kids that are making a difference have been on the Harford County Living with Rich Bennett. We've talked about everything from the weather to rabies, volunteering to catching and eating snakehead fish, fitness to opioid awareness.

I do all the recording and editing myself and host the podcast through my own domain and server. All of this of course costs money and I want to expand even more, especially since I have listeners throughout the world. It can be very overwhelming at times, so if you were able to buy me a coffee I would greatly appreciate it.

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Thanks for having me on again! I miss you! I'm also stealing this support service because of course I want people to buy me a coffee!

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