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Hey👋🏽I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!

I'm Binky, founder of Hard Knox Bikes. 

I believe in free education.  I also believe in being respected for one's value.   This is a Black, queer, non-binary/womxn, parent run project. All donations here go toward creating free educational content on bicycle maintenance and riding that is representative of the people and created by the people.  If you want to contribute monthly for discounts on tune ups check out:

Together we rise.  Thank you and stay safe!

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Hi Binky, I'm part of a womens/non-binary cycling group in St. Louis, MO called The Monthly Cycle and just found you!  I really appreciate your helpful content and your mission.  Looking forward to sharing it widely.

Awesome thank you soo much!🌿 

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🚲 Thank you!!

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Hey! Good to see you’re continuing your bike biz! Hope things are well. 

Thanks so much Agnes!!🌺