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Harrogate Community Radio is a grass-roots movement to give people in the local community a voice. To give everyone who feels under-represented a voice for change.

We feel there is a lack of opportunity in the local area for local grass-roots acts to get a foot hold – this is, where I hope we will come in; acting as a springboard to future, greater careers.

We are a local media outlet led by the local community. A democratic outlet for local groups and bodies to have a voice.

We aim to –

  • Bring disparate groups together.
  • Be a launchpad to future excellence in media for our volunteers.
  • We aim for “Community Cohesion.”
  • We aim to offer skills development for budding podcasters and radio show hosts.

We do not want to work with “specific groups” – we want to work with everyone. Harrogate Community Radio is an idea that a town can be united through music.

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Simon Bleasdale - Vapour_Trail
Simon Bleasdale - Vapour_Trail is now a member.

Well done on all you have achieved so far with HCR. Can’t wait to see how it blossoms. You are the new soundtrack to my life. 

Thanks so much Simon - thanks for becoming a Member too; the station is not for profit, so any money we raise for it goes direct back in to the broadcast - we are all shocked by how our idea is growing. Thanks mate. Andy

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i love you guys

Thanks so much for becoming a member @lilith1390 - you have helped contribute to the future of independent media in Harrogate. Cheers! Andy x

The Parish News
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DJ Scooby
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