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Hi All!

I am a new independent translator working on Chinese to English translations. I am currently working on the novel and newly released manhua of Years of Intoxication (一醉经年) by Shui Qian Cheng (水千丞).

Novel - weekly updates every Sunday. For chapter 1-30 please visit Lizonkanovels.

Manhua - weekly updates every Sunday. For episode 1-20 please visit Lizonkanovels. (Raws from Kuaikanmanhua)

Video Manhua - weekly updates every Sunday on YouTube.

I am currently working on procuring the English publishing rights to the Novel and Manhua, fingers-crossed! (If anyone has any tips and recommendations on how, please do get in touch!)

Thank you for your support and please do check out my work! 
Stay tuned for more to come...