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Down here in The Library of Hell's Basement every sin that has ever been confessed is written upon the endless books that line these walls. We even get direct copies of private diaries sinners make of their own sins AS THEY WRITE THEM! Those are our favorites.

You'd be surprised by how many sweet, innocent housewives are secret extreme sluts. Famous, beloved mothers and homemakers lead the best secret lives!

Hell's Basement is a work of Erotic Fan Fiction. Themed as though you are reading the diaries of some of the most beloved fictional housewives around as they show you what it means to be sexually (over)active MILF's

Why ask for Donations? Well to show appreciation and help with the cost of web hosting. All content is free on our website: Hells Basement We don't sell access to our stories to ensure compliance with fair-use laws.

But there are costs involved that need to be covered and the occasional cup of coffee for the writing staff (me) is appreciated! Plus it would be awesome if we could commission some art for each post!

So on that note, the tiers are all geared towards showing appreciation and not gating content (other than behind the scenes access) behind paywalls.