I'm owner of two amazing bearded dragons. And two amazing dogs.

Welcome,  everyone! ❤

Why this charity? 

For Cara, my 1,5 yr old bearded dragon. Who's previous owner abused badly and she still suffers from it. I want to take her to the vet soon because not much is changing on her health. 

I want her to have her own enclosure, without my other bearded dragon in the way. So she has time rest,  to strong up and have a peaceful time growing up. 

I want to give her the best I can, but my monthly loan doesn't allow me. As I am home, going to school or getting a job is impossible for me atm in my stage of depression. 

Normally I am not a fond of for asking money from anyone, that's why I put up a charity for those who want to help Cara. 

If you decide to buy me a coffee,  I will be very thankful!!