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Hey, Boomer's first show was on April 13, 2021, about 2 weeks after I lost my job because the pandemic shut us down. I spent a couple of days of those 2 weeks thinking, "here we go again." Being in corporate training most of my career, I was used to layoffs whenever there was a downturn in the economy. And I knew how difficult it could be if I tried to find another job, being an older person. But, this felt different. After a couple of days, I asked myself the question, "how do you want to feel." The answer came immediately. I want to feel relevant. I want to feel useful. I want to feel that what I do matters. And I knew there were going to be a lot of other over 50 people who needed to hear that message, and feel that way also. 

With Hey, Boomer I am on a mission to support and inspire people as we move into the next act of our life. Together we are learning, sharing stories, finding new beginnings and confronting endings and transitions. We are evolving rather than retiring. We are defining what this next stage of our lives will be like.

I hope you will join us!