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High Quality Crystal is the YouTube channel where I make educational and entertaining cannabis content. I'm a budtender and even though a lot of people know what they're doing and what they want when it comes to cannabis, there's a whole group of people who do NOT. I was one of those people when I came back to the marijuana game- so much had changed in ten years! What the hell is a dab?!

I started High Quality Crystal to inform, connect, and learn! This is my educational cannabis adventure and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be helpful and to entertain.

If you choose to buy me a coffee, THANK YOU! The goal right now is to gather enough coffees to eventually upgrade equipment (like camera and audio), create events for YOU like (legal) product giveaways, and have the ability to purchase and experiment with products and items you want to see on the channel.

Thank you for even considering buying me a coffee. I hope to continue this journey as far as the universe will take me, and it's a lot more fun with a bunch of people on the ride with me.


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