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Hey everyone, this is Himanshu! 

I have been associated with the IT Industry for 5+ years now and I am working as a Salesforce Developer for a leading Healthcare company.  Alongside my professional life, I also train and mentor people who want to learn Salesforce or switch careers. I am a Salesforce instructor and have 5 courses on UDEMY. 

I have started a Youtube channel for students who want to learn Salesforce for free and grow in this niche.

On the other side, I am an avid reader. I have a personal library of around 100+ books which mostly surround self help and non fiction reads. I am fascinated by history, finance, the art of investing and improving my lifestyle with tools and techniques that these books suggest. My personal library is up and live for anyone to access. So, anyone who wants to start reading as a hobby or wants to borrow books instead of buying them can use my library. You just need to connect with me.

If you find value in my content and would like to support what I am doing, feel free to, it would be appreciated immensely! 🙂