I found a legit and cool way to earn rewards to do things you would already do.. but also get paid to do it! I thought it sould be worth sharing, because I didnt know this was real and especially, legitimate!

Which brings me to how I like to play poker and I have friends who do too! Why not earn a $10-25 dollars while doing it??

There's a bunch of other ways to earn too, but I particularly liked earning to play WSOP.

Ok, sounds great to me, heres how:

Download the Mode Earn App

Get paid for simple tasks of your choice on your phone. In exchange for (not kidding) charging your phone, listening to free music, playing games and using apps, THEY PAY YOU!

Referral link here:


Register, login and familiarize yourself, then follow the offers section:

Select Flash Rewards from the list, install and open:

Once in the Flash Rewards app, select Games:

Select World Series of Poker, check out the requirements to earn:

After earning your coins, select redeem in the app and choose how you want to get paid!