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Why this?

2020/2021 and beyond has made me realise I’m not alone so many other single mums want to better themselves. 

My son 15 autistic (extremely clever) ADHD, anxiety and hugely affected my UK lockdowns. 

Daughter 13 struggled with her brothers verbal aggression towards her, still coping with double bereavement 19/20 which we never expected as a family. 

We don’t realise how much others are going through behind closed doors. 

I’m a brand ambassador for arbonne and have been a sole user for 4 years and have become so much more aware of the need to look after my own and my families health and well-being. 

So this is a safe place, I’ll log out family journey my own personal struggles as well as our achievements. Hope that this helps someone a little bit even if it’s just to know they are not alone!

Always my mantra ‘if you can dream it, you can do it!’