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Many of you were asking if there was some way to donate towards my crochet patterns being released for free on my blog and YouTube so ta dahh! ☕❤

Hello lovely people of the Internet and welcome to my Buy Me A Coffee page.

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Love your style and colour sense

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My 15 y/o saw a photo of your bumblebee, fell in love with it, and wanted me to make it for her. I told her I could teach her and she agreed (she is generally resistant to trying new things). She was so motivated to learn we "had" to get the materials that day and within hours she had successfully made your bee.  Since then (yesterday) I've been poking around your site and just read the story about your patterns being stolen and your subsequent decision to post your patterns for free in hopes that people may make a contribution instead. You bet I will! Thank you so much for your big heart and wonderful skills. I am delighted to "buy you a coffee" and hope everyone else who is inspired by your work does the same. Rebecca from NYC & Maine, USA

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very pretty patterns, we're making rainbows