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Many of you were asking if there was some way to donate towards my crochet patterns being released for free on my blog and YouTube so ta dahh! ☕❤

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Donna Gatlin
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Love your crochet patterns.

Beverley Steensma
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Hi Robin, I just ewanted to say how much I am loving your youtube channel. Excellent videos - so clearly explained and in such a lovely calm way. Until 5 days ago I had never crocheted before (although I have done a LOT of knitting). I'm a really busy teacher working 10 jours a day keeping my usic dept running at the mom and I wanted something calming an dmindless to do durign this third lockdown in the evenings. I came across your channel and I am now up and running. I nearly gave up after the firs tfew goes but then watched your perfectly explained granny square video - following it along exacrtly as you said. this gave me a huge understanding of stitch shape and those ' holes' we need to crochet into. I'm now well into the spring shawl and using up lots of balls of wool that I had lying around. THANK YOU so much. Keep those patterns coming. Bev x🎵

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