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I'm Vic, a podcast producer and founder of MIC's Podcast Club, a community of podcasters.

By June 2020, we'll have delivered 13 free, physical events and 4 online meetups in 18 months.

Monthly MIC meetups are like live FAQ's for podcasters, answered by our awesome podcaster community 

Each meetup we also have a special guests, typically an audio industry expert to talk about a specific podcasty subject. 

MIC is for people who are just thinking about starting a podcast & those who have one. We've had loads of different podcasters come togther from BBC Producers to honbbyists. I believe magic happens when people with a shared passion get together!

Through MIC people have started podcasts, met collaborators and even found work.

However MIC is self-funded, from the marketing, sourcing venues to paying for the meetup page and zoom & I can't continue to do so without support.

So if you have been to a MIC meetup or like the cut of my jib, please buy me a brew x

Alice Vickery
Alice Vickery bought 2 brews.

Thank you so much for all your help, absolutely loving it and very grateful!

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Owen Martin Thornton
Owen Martin Thornton bought a brew.

Thanks Owen 😊 

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Thanks so much for this evening’s meet up it was fascinating and gave real food for thought. 😊 

aw thanks for your kind words Lindsay 😊 

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Brilliant session, great introduction to the wonderful world of podcasting! See you next month :)

Fab for you to join us. Thank you 😊