Hello again!

Today ended doing a couple of things for my restorations projects while I was doing other things. So worked a bit in the computer parts from my previous blog post.

First the hard drive! It´s only a old 80 GB Samsung, and generally those are either good or a total disaster and I don´t really like them, but hey free hard disk! So, how it’s that disk?

Weeeeeell... not exactly perfect, several sectors passing the 60 GB mark were damaged with that nostalgic "click of death" sound. Not entirely a surprise given that probably that computer was tossed around for how knows how much time until finally reaching my hands. But I went to check if the files were still readable or interesting...

Ended finding a couple of games folders that I copied over because... of course. Used a special version of Linux that I used to salvage data of damaged hard drives like this one, and...

...yeah, its end of its life, but that don´t means I will not try to use it, I have extended the life of so much hardware that... it’s not even funny. Speaking of which, behold!

I present to you "Fenix" has I usually call to this computer. Why? Because it’s an old E2160 with a very beat up Biostar P4M890-M7, got it years ago and planned to use it for a bit as a test bench until the motherboard dies... only it didn´t die, don´t want to die. I have tested dozen of hard disk, CD/DVD units and DDR2 banks in that over years and years.

So I ended also testing the CDRW unit that was in that broken computer, it´s reads! The door don´t work to well but it’s a candidate to repairs. On screen, a Windows XP installation process... formatted the good part of that hard drive and did a test installation, my first XP in a long time!

Ahhh... the nostalgia, I don´t even remember how many Windows XP installation I did back in the day!

The motherboard is in so bad shape that is not good even as decoration, so to the trash bin. And the case is going to wait, now emptied, for a future project. The only damaged it has aside the rust that I removed with sandpaper, is the front being a bit loose since two of the plastic locks are broken (confirming my idea about that computer being very poorly handled after didn´t work anymore).

The power supply looks good! Will test more later but… free PSU!

And to close, I was right regarding my guess about what processor I was about to find in that dead motherboard... a Celeron D 2.66! Those.... things... were a nightmare to work with it... I still have the traumas lol (was scratched like that when I cleaned up)

I could rage forever about those jokes a processor, but better I will like this wonderful video of Budget Builds Official telling the story: